Lynnette Joselly: 10 Struggles That Only Curly Hair People Understand

10 Struggles That Only Curly Hair People Understand

I walk in the room and all eyes on me. I feel awkward that everyone is just staring at me, well technically my hair, but you get the picture. As you can see, I have big, curly, frizzy, poofy hair. I'll admit that there are times where I wish I had that beautiful straight hair like all the Disney princess, but then there are times, like now, where I embrace my natural hair and just let the poof go wild. Throw the relaxer away honey because being natural is "in" right now (heck, I believe it's here to stay!). As for this post, only my curly haired girls will understand me, I present to you, the daily struggles that only curly haired people will understand.

1. Regular battles with your hairbrush. Who wins the fight you ask? Well I end up with broken combs all the time, so you tell me.

2. Trying to make your hair look presentable isn't easy. Our curls have a mind of their own and trying to control them is nearly impossible.

3. Rain is not your friend. Whether you blow dried it or styled it curly, rain will in no way help your hair situation.

4. People will always want to touch your hair. And they don't always ask to do so.

5. You spend most of your money buying hair products. Anti-frizz, leave-in conditioner, sulfate-free, conditioner, curl enhancer, coconut oil, oh and did I say conditioner?!

6. When people with wavy hair say they understand the struggle. B*tch, please.

7. Trying to find a hair stylist that knows how to deal with your hair. I found a Dominican hair dresser and I hope she never retires.

8. Pony tails don't always work out for us. Try smoothing out all the hair bumps and tying your hair without breaking the scrunchie. Yet for some reason we always have a hair tie on our wrist.

9. You think twice about jumping in the pool or swimming in the beach. Your hair will just emerge into an afro if you don't have the right hair products with you.

10. You don't look forward to the day you have to wash your hair. Which is why you try your best to make that blow out or wash-n-go last a full week. Don't judge, the struggle is real.

What I Wore: White City Chic Dress (TOBI) and Grey Cut Out Lace Up Booties (AMI Clubwear)

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  1. Girl you are spot on with all of these tips and my hair isn't even close to your length yet LOL. The struggle is so real and the reversion back to an AFRO in even the slightest hint of humidity in the air is very true! Ugggh! Love your look here, especially the heels!