Lynnette Joselly: How To Mix Prints & Not Look Crazy

How To Mix Prints & Not Look Crazy

I am all about wearing prints, from florals to stripes, plaid and more; however, the challenge is trying to mix prints and not look crazy. Believe it or not, but there is a way for stripes and florals to be worn at the same time in a very stylish way. In my case I mixed a plaid print dress with an aztec cardigan and as you can see color is key. I have put together a list of styling tips on how to mix prints, see below.

1. Know what prints flatter your figure. For example, horizontal stripes make you bigger, therefore you may want to avoid this print in certain areas.

2. Stick to the same color scheme that way the pieces can compliment one another and not clash.

3. Know your scales. Prints and patterns of the same size may cause dizziness in the eyes, while a small pattern mixed with a large pattern will even out the outfit.

4. Keep it simple and just try out printed accessories instead such as a floral print scarf, polka dot headband or animal print clutch.

5. If all else fails you can just try ready-to-wear pieces and let the designers do the all the styling work for you.

What I Wore: Plaid Print Midi Dress (GoJane), Ivory Black Knitted Ethnic Pattern Sweater (AMI Clubwear) and Black Combat Boots (Make Me Chic).

Photographer: Jean Paul of Live Create Die


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