Lynnette Joselly: 5 Beauty, Wellness and Fitness Products You Should Try Out This Summer

5 Beauty, Wellness and Fitness Products You Should Try Out This Summer

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Summer time, summer time. Whether you are in need of cute fitness clothes, or are sore from workouts or hey, just want to upgrade your beauty routine for the season, I've got you covered! I have teamed up with Single Edition Media's Babble Boxx to test out a few of the latest beauty, wellness and fitness products recommended for summer. The box includes leggings, face serum, bath minerals, body scrubs and makeup products to ensure we are all around ready to hang poolside and feel fabulous this summer.


Rib Tank & Leggings. The items I was most excited to try out was of course the clothing! 2(X)ist is known for designing fitness clothes that are stylish, have a great fit and still allow to exercise comfortably. The grey leggings I chose feature mesh details by the ankles and they are so comfortable I just to want to sleep in them.


Face Serum. I am all about trying new skincare products because it's best to start now before the wrinkles appear. The Vichy LiftActiv Serum will help protect your skin from pollution and UV rays, which is a must during these sunny summer days. Enjoy 20% Off + Free Shipping with promotion code: BABBLEBOXX at checkout. Offer valid through 11:59pm PST, 06/30/2016. Offer cannot be combined with other discounts or gift sets.


Body Scrub. As most of you may know I am in the process of getting rid of unwanted body hair with laser hair removal. However you still do need to shave in between treatments. Exfoliating with Treehut's Bare Shave Prep Sugar Scrub will help get rid of dead skin prior to shaving, resulting in not only clean but also smooth legs.


Mascara. Let's be real, we can't always invest in lash extensions, well I can't because I am ballin' on a budget. Which is why I am on the hunt for mascaras that really make my eyes pop. IT Cosmetics has the Superhero mascara for longer and fuller lashes so I am pretty excited about this featured beauty product. It's too hot for a full face of makeup these days, so all you need is a good mascara to enhance your eyes.


Mineral Bath Soak. After a heavy workout your body might be feeling a little sore, I know mine sure is after leg day. Village Naturals Therapy has a bath soak and body wash that can help out with that! I felt so relaxed after my nice little bubble bath using these bath and body products. So it doesn't matter if you are a pro-athlete or not, just give yourself some "me" time by soothing your sore muscles with these essential oils.


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