Lynnette Joselly: How to Do a Fishtail Braid

How to Do a Fishtail Braid

By Wanda Fraser

Long hair that looks healthy and shiny is obviously something a lot of women want. There are tons of long hair styles for every face shape and any occasion but sometimes, the best styles are the ones that are the most simple to do. Fishtail braids are quickly becoming the next big thing in long hair styles and they’re surprisingly easy to do. If you want to know how to do a fishtail braid, read on. I’ll take you through the process step by step and offer a few ideas for making the braid a little more versatile.

As I mentioned, doing a fishtail braid is extremely easy once you get the hang of it but it can be a little complicated the first few times you try. Follow this step by step guide to get the basics down and then just keep practicing until you perfect the method. It’s well worth the time if you have long hair and want to experiment with fun, new long hair styles.

    Step One: Brush or comb your hair to make sure there are no tangles to contend with as you braid
    Step Two: Pull your hair into a loose pony tail. Secure the pony tail with an ouchless elastic (elastics without the metal clip as they can damage hair)
    Step Three: Separate hair into two even chunks. Make sure you have the same amount of hair in each chunk.
    Step Four: Hold the chunk of hair on the right in your right hand, making sure you’ve gathered all of the hair that belongs with that chunk. You can also start on the left if you’re more comfortable that way. Simply adjust these instructions to meet your needs.
    Step Five: Using your left hand, separate a small section of hair from the outside of the chunk on the left. This should be from the part of the chunk closest to your left ear. The section should be about one eighth the size of the total chunk. Again, make sure you keep the section as even as possible and gather all the hair that you need with that section. This makes for a cleaner looking braid.
    Step Six: Place the smaller section of hair over the larger chunk and add it to the hair in the right chunk. Make you sure you add the hair from the outside of the left chunk to the inside of the right chunk (the part of the right chunk closest to your left ear).
    Step Seven: Hold the left chunk of hair in your left hand. Follow the same procedure you used in steps five and six but with the right chunk of hair instead of the left. Make sure the smaller section you choose from the right chunk is from the outside of the chunk (closest to the right ear) and you move it to the inside of the left chunk (closest to the left ear)
    Step Eight: Continue switching hands and repeat steps five and six until your braid is the length you want it.
    Step Nine: Secure your braid with an ouchless elastic to hold it in place.

Dressing Up a Fishtail Braid

There are lots of little things you can do to make the fishtail braid more interesting. Try starting the braid more to the side of your head and allowing it to hang loosely over your shoulder. This is a fun and casual style that works for just about any occasion. Choose a beaded elastic or hair tie over the elastic at the bottom to dress it up a little bit more.

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