Lynnette Joselly: Everything You Need To Know About Make-Up Foundation

Everything You Need To Know About Make-Up Foundation

There are times that we all have trouble finding the perfect match of foundation and end up looking either extremely tanned or way too pale. The first thing you should do is head out to a department store and ask the make-up specialist to match the foundation needed for your skin color. There are times that you might need to mix two colors to get to the perfect shade.

If you plan on wearing make-up all day you should use a primer underneath the foundation and then add a loose powder after the foundation to set it. This will help stop oil from breaking through. Keep in mind, your skin type also matters when choosing the right foundation. Oily skin should use powder to soak up the oil and dry skin should use something more dewy.

The best way to apply liquid foundation is with a stippling brush. Using your hands may cause bacteria to spread if your hands are not completely clean and the use of a flat brush may leave streak marks. Lastly, if it's for a special occasion you should always do a test shoot before the big day to make sure you still look fabulous on camera.

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